quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011


Eis um gigante agrícola que merece uma nova postagem, o Air Tractor AT-401 e suas especificações:

Engine Type:P&W R1340
Engine S.H.P.:600 @ 2250 RPM
Propeller:12D40 hub 6101A-12 blades
Take-Off Weight:7,860 lbs. (3 565 kg)
Landing Weight:6,000 lbs. (2 722 kg)
Empty Wt. w/ Spray Equipment:4,244 lbs. (1 925 kg)
Useful Load:3,616 lbs. (1 640 kg)
Hopper Capacity:400 U.S. gal. (1 514 L)
Fuel Capacity:126 U.S. gal. (476 L)
Wing Span:51 ft. (15,54 m)
Wing Area:306 sq. ft. (28,45 m2)
Main Wheel Size:8.50 x 10
Tail Wheel Size:5.00 x 5

Visitei o site da Air tractor e me deparei com outras aeronaves interessantes, entre elas o AT-802U:
The Air Tractor® AT-802U is an economical single engine turboprop aircraft designed for surveillance, precision strike, and rugged dirt strip utility missions. The AT-802U combines an 8,000-lb. (3,629 kg) payload and 10-hour ISR mission capability with the flexibility and responsiveness of a manned weapon system – for a fraction of the cost of unmanned aerial vehicle systems.

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